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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Jockey - Female Web

Jockey - Male Web


In our February post for “The Vault”, we decided to go even further into the archives and dig up a couple of really strong images.  This campaign was truly about beauty and simplicity. Calvin Klein was big on the sexy look so Paul and I took it toward a dreamy, floating on air approach with lots of sensuality. The casting went on for a whole day and once these beautiful people walked thru the door we knew we had who we were looking for.

These images were shot for Jockey Underwear in 1988 and was Art Directed by Paul Hains.


Over the years we have photographed many well acclaimed authors, such as Farley Mowat, Leonard Cohen, Umberto Eco, and Carol Shields. Recently, we were able to continue the tradition by photographing Andrew Pyper for Quill and Quire magazine.

Rino Noto PH32


Much like Umberto Eco, Andrew draws on the topic of paranormal subject matter to lure his audience into his novels. He is a great Canadian author and has been compared to Dan Brown, Author of “The Da Vinci Code”. His most recent work, “The Demonologist”, a novel about a Columbian professor on a quest to save his daughter from the Underworld. The concept for this shoot was to photograph Andrew in a very dark and mystical way. The lighting that was chosen gives the images an otherworldly feel.

For more information on “The Demonologist”:


Rino Noto - Donisha Earth Day

The city of Toronto has officially named February 6th Bob Marley Day, and with an ever changing world, there is no better time to spread Marley’s message: Unity, Peace, Love, Freedom and Empowerment to All. Today marks what would have been the Reggae Superstar’s 68th year.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know Donisha Prendergast, Grandaughter of Bob and Rita Marley. Donisha is following in her grandfather’s footsteps by sharing her views on love, peace, and understanding as well as the ideology of the Rasta way of life. She is a multitalented, creative and compassionate woman and we are very fortunate to be able to both collaborate and photograph her. Above is Donisha celebrating her birthday with us in Toronto last month and below is a shot we did of her in our studio.

#4504 rasta souls journey EMAIL-3

Click our image of Donisha above to view our recent feature on the Broncolor Canada website,which includes other images from this shoot as well as an interview with myself and a behind the scenes video.

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