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Its been a while since the last time we dug into The Vault. For this entry I wanted to go back and take a look at some contact sheets from large format film. I found images I shot in 1995 of the very beautiful Libby who was with Ford Models.

Libby; wearing a Maritimes fisherman’s rain coat given to me by the cast of “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”


I shot this with my huge bad boy 5x7inch Linhof Technica camera. Impressive detail from this size negative even on the contact sheet. I used Kodak Tri-x film and probably used HC-110 to develop it. I have no idea how many megapixels it would be?! It could be hundreds, even thousands! Who knows?!

5×7 inch Linhof Technica Camera


I’m hoping to take this puppy out on location this summer and shoot some more personal work.



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