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Monthly Archives: July 2014

During Italian Heritage month I had the privilege of being part of and hosting Salone di Cultura: Arts Now in my studio, This event was created by a good friend, the very talented singer Daniela Nardi, to celebrate the Italian arts and culture.


The evening opened with delicious dishes created by renowned chef Massimo Bruno that were inspired by the regional foods of Italy. Afterwards I presented and discussed some of my photographic work as well as my own Italian heritage and how it has inspired me throughout my career. I showcased some pieces from Viso, Deteriorarsi/Disrepair and Auxilia all of which can be found on my fine art website


Video and Photography by Greg King


Daniela wrapped up the evening with a wonderful performance with her band Espresso Manifesto, performing songs from her celebrated CD The Songs of Paolo Conte. An already magical evening was brought to an even more heightened level when she performed her rendition of “Nina” accompanied by her husband Ron Davis on keyboard.


Maria Piacente, V.P. of Exhibition and Events at Lord Cultural Resources was the moderator. Her introduction touched upon many issues involving the arts in Canada. Her insights on our Nations potential to be a world leader in the arts was up lifting. The audience was clearly engaged and applauded when she spoke of the need for more support from all levels of government and the private sector. Maria also led a Q&A session after both my presentation and Daniela’s performance.


Video and Photography by Greg King


The guests left with a complimentary swag bag that consisted of a limited edition print from my series Auxilia, Daniela’s CD, Barocco coffee and Leo Magazines.

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