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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Back in May I wrote a blog about Dr. Anthony Galea and being privileged to photograph him for the TEDxIUM event, the theme being “Small is the new Big.” The event was held in Monaco on June 6th and at the beginning of September the talk was released to North American audiences.

Dr. Galea Talking

Dr. Galea is a renowned sports medicine doctor and is the Founder and Medical Director of the Institute of Sports Medicine Health & Wellness Center. He has been a sports medicine doctor at the Olympics, team physician for the Toronto Argonauts and a consultant and sports medicine doctor for numerous high profile athletes such as Tie Domi, Jamal Lewis, Alex Rodriguez and Tiger Woods. He is listed as being among the top 2% of sports physicians in the world.

During his discussion, Dr. Galea speaks about the basic principles in regenerative medicine. He shows how our bodies can be used to produce its own medication in healing common sport medicine related injuries.

Dr. Galea gave an amazing talk this year at TEDxIUM. I am pleased to see such an accomplished Canadian doctor featured on TED Talks and recognized for all of his medical achievements.

To view Dr. Galea’s TEDxIUM talk, you can click on the link provided or visit the TEDxIUM Facebook page.

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